Mmm. Starting this post has made me a bit more self-conscious than usual. As you know, I usually like to begin a post with some bit of cretinous irrelevance I've managed to salvage from my vague recollections of the day's thoughts.

Today, the first couple of things I had on my mind were censored by my generally crackerjack Friend Reading? filter: in other words, they failed the test "am I revealing some intimate detail about someone that one or more people who are probably reading this post are friends/acquaintances with?"

Which is a bit of a downer. Because when people ask me why I have a blog, one of my answers is "to document things that are happening." Yes, food, but also everything else to some degree. OK, not everything else: this blog is an extremely restricted and self-conscious view of what's happening to me, with careful hints scattered throughout for those who know any of the back stories currently in play.

So I don't know what I'm saying.


Things I meant to talk about today: Revolutionary Road; brownies; persimmons.


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