We intercepted a dinner transmission from Planet KK last night, it was vegetarian in content and thoroughly worth receiving. More on this as soon as I locate my creative writing skills.


UPDATE: This post certainly turned into one of those "more later" scenarios where "more later" means "I guess this is our arrivederci point, bitches". 

Just so that I don't have this unwritten thing hanging over me: dinner at KK's was fresh as a summer's day: pictured above are deconstructed bloody marys (vodka-marinated tomatoes with black pepper and celery salt maybe?), hard-boiled eggs with homemade tarragon mayonnaise (yummy), and the Italian smoked mozzarella called scamorza that Miss Mara says she could eat every day (and I believe her).  Not pictured are several other things that I hope to picture very soon: a slambangitty good quince and pistachio trifle, for example, was a bowl of dreaminess...

Whew! One whole paragraph! Good thing I'm not getting paid for this.


For my own documentation, I made a perfectly good and easy soup tonight: one small organic pumpkin from the Dirk, roasted; one 400gr jar of cooked white beans, rinsed; 6 sage leaves, two bay leaves, an onion, and 6 cloves of garlic. And a liter of water. Roast the pumpkin, add it to a pot with everything else, cook for 30 minutes and puree.


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