he crab.

No, not me, the guy in the bowl. I'm making Surinamese crab soup for Monday's pom dinner. And, I'm taking pictures with the webcam built into Mara's laptop because I left my camera recharger in America, yes, because I'm that stupid.

Oh, right: vegetarianism on pause.

UPDATE: I was making crab soup, but my crab had ammonia problems. Dilemma: do I risk an incident with my local toko and bring them some of the ammonia crab? Probably not. They're not fishmongers, though they sell frozen fish. I've bought this crab there before and it was totally fine. The likelihood of them knowing about crabs and ammonia is small. Though they're very friendly, it's Saturday, their busiest day, and I can see how walking in and creating a stink about a stink might get out of hand. As I said: dilemma.


cassava soup with coconut and crab.


10 crabs
1 can of the highest-quality crab meat you can find
1 onion
2 celery stalks
400ml fish stock
2 Maggi bouillon block
2.5 liters water
2 bay leaves
8 pimiento berries
1 madame jeanette, skin unbroken
2 cassave
100gr zoutvlees (pickled beef)
100gr droge vis (dried, smoked fish)
1 can coconut milk
1/2 cup celery leaves, chopped


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