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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Continuing the geekery, thanks to The Onion...


Also, I'm always forgetting that the BBC has a very useful vegetarian section on their site, probably because they have no RSS feed. I mean that's why I'm always forgetting about it.


And let's see, what else....oh yeah: I've decided to finally go ahead and kill my estranged biological father. 

Shamelessly arresting, I know. Now I don't really mean it in the literal sense (a phrase which in my mind I can only hear screwed, having listened to Paul Wall's Chick Magnet roughly 400 times). What I mean is that, in the 15 years since we last spoke, I've considered contacting him a number of times, only to eventually decide not to, or only to eventually just "forget" about it. And of course, my inner pessimist's reasoning is that, well, as soon as I decide that I actually want to talk to him and I finally make the effort to contact him, of course he'll die. 

This is not as completely and totally irrational as it sounds, because he hasn't lived an especially healthy life. As a multiple-bypass survivor, lifelong pack-a-day smoker, intravenous drug user, and I'm sure plenty of other things I don't know about, he has easily secured a place on my own personal "Endangered" list. The last time I talked to him, back in, say...1994, he had just quit his morphine habit and was "only" smoking weed and cigarettes. I wasn't too worried about him back then, but I was 25 and in my own hermetically-sealed alcoholic pod...I wasn't worried about much. 

But now, I have his current address and a blank greeting card that says "Cowgirl Power" on the outside of it (which I bought in America for my upstairs neighbor here in Amsterdam who underwent Surprise Brain Surgery over Xmas for an aneurysm, but I never sent the card b/c I would've gotten home before it did). So Monday I shall jot some pithy lines inside and drop my Cowgirl Death Missile into the nearest postbox and hope that it's a dud. It's all part of The Year of No Regrets initiative, don't you know.

Oh, did I mention? VDuck in 2009 might be even less about food than normal. 


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