wheel me out.

Kids can be so cruel, can't they.

Pictured above are just some of the people who contributed to my having hands-down the worst DJ experience of my life this Saturday from 10pm to 6:30am. The problem? Utter tastelessness, theirs. A problem compounded by the fact that one of the organizers of the party had invited 3 DJs with impeccable taste to provide the evening's entertainment. Do you see the potential for conflict here? It was like hiring a dentist to fix your plumbing, and just about as successful.

Luckily, we were able to avoid what I'm sure would've been an absolutely hilarious riot (wherein 3 manly but badly costumed hip-hop DJs are chased through the Amsterdam canal belts by a livid throng of willow-limbed, mascara-wearing electro house devotees) because there was another DJ attending the party undercover (or possibly dressed as a DJ), and he just happened to have 5 hours' worth of brainless electro house CDs with him, so we wisely let him take over, and the crowd loved every vapid second of it.

Here he is, working his magical boringness generator. Note the hand gesture that he is using to notify the crowd that something extremely exciting is going to happen in the music, a gesture that is completely necessary, because otherwise it would just seem like he was playing the same monotonous chunk of sterilized robot dung for 3 hours:

Musical tastes aside, he was a very nice guy and competent DJ and his offer to bail us out really did avert some sort of ugly showdown.

It was also a "Dress Up from the Neck Up" party, designed to encourage costumization by reducing the number of participating body parts to one, your head. This photo below was taken at around 5am or so, after I'd ditched most of my head costume in protest of the hugely unpleasant crowd (the goatee and hat are the remaining parts of the costume). My homie next to me, however, my co-DJ, could not ditch his costume because he shaved his perfectly full head of hair off in order to to emulate male pattern baldness. That's hardcore.

ETA: I'm not exactly sure what James is dressed as on the left. He pretty much always looks like that: cigarette, red wine stain, supplicant pose.


Anonymous said...

I so totally cannot wait to meet you!


MEM said...

Same here! Was very sorry to miss the action last week, but since I ended up all plugged up with various kinds of head cold, maybe it was for the best....nonetheless, looks like you guys had a great time!

We'll hook up in 2008 for sure...