all right now.

It's that time of year, when the plethora of get-togethers and other holiday merrymaking starts to pile up on itself. This week we had to make some hard decisions about what to do with our time: would it be a trip to the Ardennes for a few days to get in some walking and cooking with old friends; would it be a brief dash down to southwestern France to take part in a decadent blogfest; or would we play it safe and just go to the 100-year anniversary party for the Villa?

We ended up doing the responsible thing and staying here. Which was great because I got to eat Emma's Ethiopian cooking, which is amazing, no doubt because she's been taught by actual Ethiopians. She really outdid herself this time, it seemed like there were at least 10 different things that you could mix and match with your injera, and they were all super. I have no good pictures at all of the food, so you'll have to settle for shots of the kitchen post-dinner and of Tsehaytu and Getatchew providing the evening's entertainment.

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