chewy time.

Both of Mara's dogs in America died this year. Easybeast's long-overdue ship set sail this summer, and Mollybean died peacefully but unexpectedly about 20 minutes ago. The picture below is from March 2004 (Easy, top; Molly, bottom...waiting for chewies). The painting above is from 2004 too.

So R.I.P. Easy (1989-2007), R.I.P. Molly (1994-2007). While we're at it, R.I.P. Otto, R.I.P. Norma, and R.I.P. Sally. R.I.P everybody. May your days be full of unabashed butthole sniffing, long leisurely leashless walks, finally caught squirrels, and plenty of those stinky chewy things you love so much.

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