cradle of winter.

Fuck, dude. I am not in Arizona anymore. It is being made perfectly clear to me that Amsterdam and Phoenix do not share the same ideas about what December weather should be like.


The "Cooking with Cradle of Flavor" project is drawing to a close, or at least almost all of the recipes in the book have been cooked at least once. Tonight I'll be doing my part by making shrimp sate. Wikipedia's sate page is actually pretty informative if you have blanks that need filling...the blanks that our stomachs currently are will be filled after a few hours of shrimp marination.


Here's the thing. We don't cook rice anymore, we cook bulgur. We started cooking it when Dr. Moep had her thyroid meltdown back in '02, you know, for nutritional reasons (whole grain, high fiber, high protein + a quick cooking time). But then we just started liking it more than rice, and, well...rice never really tried all that hard to win us back.

Below is the completed Shrimp Sate from Cradle of Flavor. The flavors were excellent, but we really should've made something else as well b/c there wasn't a sufficient amount of sauce to juice up our "rice". I ended up reducing the marinade a little and thinning with coconut milk, which worked out just fine.


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