everyone needs an engelbewaarder.

Above: Dennis standing in what used to be our CD shop on the Spiegelgracht. It's now a gallery. Below, for comparison's sake, the same view from 2002.

Next, we went to FOAM to see the Weegee exhibit. Not as gory as I thought it would be, and quite a bit funnier than I expected. Nice to see, but ultimately a tad disappointing somehow.


Then we went to De Engelbewaarder to hear some music. Sean was on tenor, Han on drums, Michael was there and we shot the shit for the first time in a while, and it was a good hang. Fortunately I realized that the beers Jeanie was drinking were tripels and not blondes...otherwise things could've ended badly. The photo above was taken at 16:30, when you could still see the stage. Three hours later, it was like Queen's Day in there: complete engulfment in bodies, beer, and smoke.

We returned home and ordered Thai delivery. Forget everything I ever said about Top Thai; Som Tam is about 36 times better. This is a new find from Mara, and the difference is really remarkable. Great chicken larb, nice beef in penang curry (not pictured), good and spicy shrimp in basil sauce.


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