the big picture.

Here's what Christmas dinner looked like from the other side of the room. I believe this photo credit goes to Cor.


It seems that at some point some eGulleters decided to have an Okonomiyaki Day. I have been celebrating my own rebel version of this holiday here in my apartment today by making as many okonomiyaki as I can justify.

I wasn't wrong when I first fell in love with this piece of nonsense food: they're great. And they still don't make any sense whatsoever in the taste department: smoked fish, green onion, cabbage, mayonnaise all go together, sure; but tonkatsu sauce and cheese are not exactly obvious complements.

They get even better when you add a pork product and a mushroom or two. Tonight I chopped up some leftover prosciutto and threw it in there, and it was just about the best one I've made yet. Only problem? Not photogenic. Observe:

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