chattering, teeth.

Holy jumpin' Jebus, I broke a tooth today, no kidding.

My jaw really started throbbing like hell at De Zotte Thursday night, and Friday morning it was no better. Having seen firsthand what can happen if you postpone your dental care until the weekend, I made it to the dentist an hour before closing on Friday, said "I think I broke a tooth", and yep he found a broken tooth and I got a temporary crown.

Unfortunately? It seems like the broken tooth may not have been the source of my tooth pain, 'cause today it hurts just as bad if not worse. The dentist warned me that it would still hurt today, so I'm not going to panic until the pain reaches Affliction level.

What gives??? Why the health woes???


Crostini that I made but couldn't chew: prosciutto, gor(gonzola)-mas(carpone), fig preserves; tomato reduction, black olive, mozzarella, red onion; pain d'ardenne, taleggio, chives. Some of these went into the oven for a bit. I tried to eat them normally without success, so I experimented with sucking on them like candy, which was not all that successful or satisfying.


Below that, nutmeg-enhanced sage and brown butter sauce preparing to meet up with some walnut-pecorino tortelloni. This version of the sauce had a new rustic twist in that it was one-third chicken broth, which made it simultaneously a bit more healthy and more subtle. The tortelloni worked better as lozenges than the crostini had.


Tonight's Pictionary was the closest Dennis and I have gotten in a long time to beating the ladies (note the red phallus one square behind the powder-blue phallus). We had some tough ones: try to draw "charades", "invade", or "deport" in less than 2 minutes. Well, smoke like 4 joints first, and then try it. See what I'm talking about?


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