nurse! report to the kitchen, stat.

Sorry for all the completely crappy flash-lit pictures around here these days, but the sun is setting at 4pm or so, and well...most of our photo taking is done after that. Plus, we're sick, and photographing food seems like a tremendous waste of precious energy resources.


Considering that it had been a few months since anyone had been seriously injured around here, we should've guessed that Nurse Morse was due to make an appearance.

Actually Nurse Morse knew that his services would be required ahead of time, because this month's health crisis is a "do-over" of a previous month's health crisis: Mara's jaw explosion. She just had her jaw "de-grossified" (a technical term, don't worry about it) at the OLVG again on Thursday, and so now she is the lucky winner of a two- or three- day trip to Codeineland.

Normally, an event like this causes the bulbous red phone on Nurse Morse's spotless desk to emit a high-pitched shriek of alarm, which then causes Nurse Morse to hurl himself into 7 kinds of caretaking action. Unfortunately, Nurse Morse seems to have a touch of the flu, or of something similar that makes him feel as if his head is made entirely of styrofoam plus his throat is very scratchy.

So we are making beef stew tonight, because we think it will make us feel better. We're using our own recipe from earlier this year, but maybe we'll soon talk about Julia's recipe that we never did make.

Pictured above, a Spanish tortilla I made yesterday, sitting on top of the José Andrés cookbook that taught me the magical pan-flipping technique required to make one. This one contains leeks, mushrooms, potatoes, and manchego, and it's completely delicious.


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