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We've eaten at more eetcafes in the past week than I would've thought possible. We finally hit Nassau yesterday because it was the only thing we knew for sure was open. My vitello tonnato sandwich was OK, a little skimpy and dry; Dennis had a salami-kaas tosti and pappa di pomodoro that was a good idea and he said it tasted like one as well; Jeanie had an open-faced melt with goat cheese, honey, peaches, and pine nuts. I tasted this, and though it was a good idea, a higher peach-to-cheese ratio would've done it some large favors I think.

I loved that the menu was just the tiniest bit more ambitious than every other eetcafe in town; I just wish that the food had been prepared with as much verve as, say, De IJsbreker, who against all odds managed to somehow serve just about the tastiest lunch we've had this week. So, yeah. I would have to place Nassau near the bottom of the list of eetcafes we've eaten at this week, foodwise.

In fact, what would that list look like, in order of good eats?

De Zotte
De IJsbreker
Festina Lente
De Kat in de Wijngaert
Het Molenpad
De Engelbewaarder

Not saying that our testing methodology was remotely fair: there was almost no one in Nassau when we went, and De Engelbewaarder could barely have fit one more person. We were at De IJsbreker at 3 in the afternoon, and hit De Zotte during the peak of a dinner rush. This list doesn't take service or atmosphere into account at all. Well, maybe it does a little. I told you it wasn't remotely fair.

The good news? We didn't have any bad food at all. Nassau was totally fine, and I'll probably eat there again. I'll definitely eat at De Engelbewaarder again. So, this is a list of 7 totally useful eetcafes around town.

Now...where will we go today? It's Mara's parents' last day. We haven't had any oliebollen yet. We haven't had any kibbeling yet. It seems like we've barely done anything, although the last week of blog posts suggests otherwise.


Miss Clare is having a Japanese-themed post-Christmas dinner on the....tomorrow? Hello? Did we actually agree to this?

Yes, we did. I'm thinking of making okonomiyaki, but I don't know. Got to see if I can find some sauce that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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