go time.

My dear old mother has asked that I give some more information about these photos so that she may put some names with some faces.


Top photo, from left: Alexandra, our comrade from OT301 who's just returned from a long autumn of brain surgeries in Rome; Bani, the Iranian Texan auteur who is a great cook, I've loved all of her food to date; Andy's sister Misri, and Misri's maybe-husband Louie.

The photo directly above these words, from left: Heather and Brodie, (also known as Head and Body), the Canadians who lived here for just long enough for us to get very attached to them and then they cruelly vamoosed themselves back to the frozen tundra. Heather's gigantic noggin is blocking their friend Sandy from view; Isabelle, for whom I did the most humongous website ever; Phil and Kathelijn, our favorite Dutch-Americans; Colin, the calmest man in the world unless you fuck up his shit; then Bani and Mara talking about halal lamb-slaughtering practices, I imagine.

The pictures below are: one of the dozen tiny windup cars Heather brought to play with; Heather doing so, and simultaneously blocking Sandy from view. Come to think of it, did I ever really see this Sandy character that night? Hmm; Etienne (Isabelle and Joost's son), Andy, and Bani doing something with an umbrella and a guitar that I never did really figure out.


prosciutto di parma, finocchiona.
lemon-marinated fennel, mushroom confit.
bruschette with aubergine and mint; with tomato and garlic.

minestra maritata (italian wedding soup).
zuppa di zucca (pumpkin soup).

tortelloni di noci al burro e panna.
penne all'arrabbiata.
spaghetti con gamberoni.

rosemary leg o' lamb.

insalata mista.

amaretto-chocolate cake.


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