sixteen candles.

I know my brain is fucked when, if trying to write, I sit looking at a blank page for more than 30 seconds or so. Nine hours' sleep in the last three days is beginning to wear on a brother. 

However: my dear mother went to bed at about 9:30 last night and awoke today at around 8am. This is a lot of sleep, even for her, and when I asked what her secret is, she said Flexeril, a prescription muscle relaxant. Tonight? I will be taking a Flexeril. I asked her if it made her groggy or disoriented but then we just laughed because how would we ever be able to tell. Bitch don't even know how her camera work. 


If I can just get through today. Today we have a day with The Boys, but they are out shopping at the moment so all is quiet. They are, get this, "hitting a few garage sales". This is their new thing. I'm too tired to harass them about it. 


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