le grill.

It's my dad's birthday today. Yes, 9/11. Whenever one of the twins asks "Why is everyone so sad today?" we tell them "Because it's Poppy's birthday."

That's him on the left, in 1984 maybe, with my darling sister.


It should be obvious by this point that no wondrous blogging is going to happen before I leave Phoenix: too much to do. Both real things to do like going to basketball games and grocery shopping and iCloud troubleshooting, and non-real things to do like watching an entire day of NFL football with the parentals. Two days in a row.

My dear boy J-Kim occasionally talks about spending the entire day on the couch watching football soccer, and I usually shake my head or tsk at him parentally, but....I have re-seen the light: man, that's a mindlessly relaxing day. Somehow it even feels like you accomplished something.

It totally took me back to my pre-responsibility American Sundays (so, ages 8 through 23?) when I'd wait all morning for NFL Today (the pre-game chit-chat) to come on at noon, then watch the 1pm game til 4pm, then watch the 4pm game til 7pm, and sometimes there'd even be another game afterwards. Sheer lazy bliss.

Of course all of this NFL action requires food. I made a handful of nice things during the 400,000 commercials, and I'll document them here soon.


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