killer joe, barrio queen.

Saw Killer Joe at 11am, let's call it "bracing"? Not perfect, but the 2nd half just spirals furiously into an awfully dark and awfully funny endgame, super well-written, and yes I had to peek through my fingers twice towards the very end out of actual, visceral fear. I'm not even going to talk about the chicken leg. We left the theater a bit giddy and weirdly satisfied, like after a real-life rollercoaster ride.


Then: it was $2 Taco Tuesday at Barrio Queen, so, yes, all tacos $2. We had, uh, 10 of them between the two of us. If memory serves, they would be:

  1. chicken/chorizo/poblano/pine nut cream
  2. steak/huitlacoche 
  3. nopales/fried egg 
  4. fried fish/slaw
  5. fried shrimp
  6. cochinita pibil
  7. al pastor (pork + pineapple)
  8. another fried fish
  9. another fried shrimp
  10. rajas (roasted peppers)
My first taco (chicken/chorizo) was the reason we had ten of them, it was perfect. There were some disappointments (huitlacoche, boring; rajas, unpleasantly bitter), but the eight good ones were really good. 


Klary said...

enjoying these posts very much... and wishing i was somewhere where I could get a chicken/chorizo/poblano/pine nut cream taco for 2 $

MEM said...

hey, sorry i'm behind on comments, blogger's not notifying me when i've got them....

yes! you do wish that. and we only ordered about half the possible tacos.