hello darkness.

Hey hey all I'm talking about is the end of summer here, dark and cold back in The Pod with my homedwellers. It was a superconcentrated endless summer USA trip this time, I didn't feel like I was in any one place long enough to get anything done except the very basics of trying to connect with scattered family and friends and whatnot, which, yes, is the most important thing to get done anyway so yes mission accomplished.

Now I'm back in the Pod dealing with normal night-time issues, and realizing that at night: if I can be awake, if I can physically stay awake, then I want to be awake, because I'm usually not done talking to the Spide yet when she falls asleep, but then again I never am ever done talking to the Spide so anyway yes mission accomplished.

My point is, I think I need to aim harder for not being able to physically stay awake by the stroke of midnight. This is not news.


Photo above is of a book cover drawn by Conor O'Neill, an artist whom we've talked about before here and here. And here's a candid photo of the man himself at the dinner table.

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