i will escape.

Continuing our series of Drawings by Atlanta Children, this is of course a portrait of Harriet Tubman, drawn by our good friend, Conor O'Neill, age...unknown. Young.


Why can I never remember how to roast nuts in the oven? 175C, 5-10 minutes.


So, yes, it's Saturday night, and since I don't really feel like doing anything else, how about a Doomsday Rehab update? This will be more for me than for you, so don't expect much from an awesomeness perspective.

Yes: it's been 13 days since I've had any alcohol, and I feel pretty awesome, comparatively. My mood has evolved from desperate and weepy to hmmm, patient? Is patient a mood? Resolute? Calm and introspective, but not in a bad way.

I didn't smoke for a week and then last Sunday I had a social engagement which required a few. But in general, not smoking is going OK and seems very possible.

I'm sleeping UNUSUALLY and reliably well, thanks to a hefty dose of passionflower; unfortunately it's unclear exactly how bad it is for your liver. Sigh. There's only ever been one case of someone, you know, dying after taking it, but that was in conjunction with kava, which plenty of other people died from. Well, seven, but that's enough really. I used to take kava myself, actually, before anyone knew it was maybe not so good for you.

Not much we can do about that now. The point is, even though no one really knows how bad it is for you, I should try and dial the passionflower dose back to a level that everyone generally agrees is safe-ish. Thus, tonight I go back to one capsule.

In other supplement news, I tried a tbsp of ground milk thistle seed yesterday, no ill effects. Remains to be seen what the best way to ingest it is, basically I resorted to Dog Technology yesterday and mixed it with some peanut butter. Not ideal.

Haven't taken ginseng or gingko in a few weeks, maybe I'll try adding at least the gingko back this week in the interest of becoming smarter. Got rid of the ginseng b/c I want to start taking my blood pressure this coming week. I know, I know. I'm also thinking about my salt consumption.

What else, hmmm....yes. Fitness stumbling into the correct gear slowly but somewhat promisingly. Marijuana use, yes, nightly, but only a little. Should probably switch to an organic/bio strain rather than the old Northern Lights, but it's so reliable, it's almost....medicinal. I'll see what I can do.

Ditched the flaxseed for now b/c it's such a hassle to prepare the way I've been doing it: I need a separate spice grinder.

Diet: fine. No gluten in a couple weeks. No dairy except for a quesadilla on Thursday. Oh and a little hirtenkase in my carrot thingie. Eating a little too much meat, but that's tapering off. In general, I'm not paying much attention to what I'm cooking, again comparatively speaking, and that's probably good, from an obsessive thought perspective.

Last night I did eat about a pound of carrots for dinner, accidentally...that Tunisian shit was good and I didn't feel like making anything else. Tonight roasted kohlrabi and maybe a piece of chicken, maybe not. Breakfast is kind of not really happening other than leftovers but I guess that's fine. There's a little too much chocolate in the house (is that a P-Funk song?), but shit yo a brother needs to find pleasure somewhere.

If I don't sound like I'm brimming over with enthusiasm, I guess I'm not, but I'm just a little tired. Need to go back to being bold about my sleepymeds dosing time: 9pm. Yes, I will be asleep by midnight, but this is kind of the point you giant fucking douchebag isn't it.



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