Feel like doing some out-of-the-ordinary cooking...weather is gray and cold, and for the next couple days most of my to-dos are low-pressure around the house stuff. Thees ees a goood time too cooook, no?

Used to read about Eleven Madison Park a bit back in the eGullet days, it always sounded good and just inside the border of Pretensionland. Dude has a new cookbook out, let's poach some ideas yo, haha that's culinary humor.

This post contains something that I would never ever cook in its entirety, but the ingredient list seems like it could make for a dreamy adaptation, see bottom of this post.

This also sounds like an incredible ingredient list in search of an easy recipe, though I'm kind of wary of the cardamom/tarragon pairing. Smells Like Dissonant Florals.

Strawberry Gazpacho could work in warmer weather. It's also a nice name for a Mexican stripper.

I'm going to try this with kohlrabi, maybe this afternoon.

And this. This is on the verge of comedy, the longest cauliflower recipe in the history of the worl' (scroll down once you're there). I kind of want to try the doable parts just to see what happens.


poached shrimp, avocado, green apple, tarragon salad.

orange juice and zest
white wine
black pepper
fennel and coriander seed
star anise and salt

diced green apple
greek yogurt

Poach prawns in the implied court-bouillon for 5 minutes and let cool in the poaching liquid. Assemble the rest.


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