Of course I don't mean me, hopefully some other worthy person is enjoying a satyrday. My Satyr Quotient at the moment must be hovering somewhere in single digits in terms of being drunk and having sex with nubile young women, I'm imagining something like 9/100, and really that's all residual, trace, etc leftover from last year. I may in fact be the opposite of a satyr at the moment, whatever that's called.

Doomsday Rehab proceeding without incident, as is studying (3 days til test). Tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks of no drinking and very little smoking (last cigarette was a week ago). Have gotten past the socially inhibitive stage I think, as in I think I can be in public around my drunk-ass friends without wanting to flee or kill people. I'm at something like cruising altitude: it feels like I could do this for a while.

And in fact, my immediate plan is to keep this up for another month, so seven weeks total, until 9 April when our friends Jenny and Kenny come to town. And then when they're gone I return to Doomsday Rehab. Yes I know, every Doomsday Rehab counselor on earth would say that this plan is a bad idea, but...I never wanted to never drink again. Some people can do it that way, but I don't want to be one of those people.

Regardless. Right now: still feeling good, although not quite sleeping as well as I was. But still getting like 6 hours a night, mostly uninterrupted, and yes I managed to get my passionflower back down to the recommended dose and am still sleeping OK, so yes, you could say we're stable.

Diet: still no gluten, jury is still out on what effect this is having on my life.


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