virgin waters.

Today's plans: salt cod and vocabulary. I guess things could be worse.


Let me preemptively mention to non-regular visitors if they exist that yes I know all about why I shouldn't be consuming this product, thank you for your concern.

So yeah, what to do with my first and probably last bakkeljauw? Part of me feels like I should just do the Surinamese thing, but I've also really been enjoying me some Spanish and Italian cooking lately, both of which love them some bacalhau.

In any case, I've got time to sort it out: the fish needs to be desalinated for 2-3 days first, today being Day 1. Here are the instructions I'm following for now.


Oh, and hey: Moop is home....toot toot tooot ttooooooot! She brought several notable souvenirs from our old house in the ATL: this is a recipe, half in my handwriting and half in Mara's, on some kind of recipe card that you might stick in a cookbook. Notable is the fact that I don't have any idea what the UPS in the title means, or what cookbook this might have been intended for, or what the dish in question tasted like. But it certainly looks tasty in a 1990s fusion way.

UPDATE: Our little minds have gotten hooked on trying to decipher this. Why did each of us write half of this? And where did it come from? What is UPS??? We're thinking that since there are no quantities, it's us trying to recreate something we ate somewhere, my guess is that it was either in New Orleans or Seattle.


Another souvenir from America, this one is from Mara's mom Jeanie: the Tupperware Chop 'N' Prep:

It's actually pretty awesome. You put your "item to be chopped" in there and pull the ripcord like you're starting a lawnmower. Seconds later, your shit is chopped. Very helpful for making things like the salpicon where you're chopping lots of different things tinily. Thaaaaanks mommydog!


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