my other blog is a ______.

Above: third-hand homemade sambal, a friend of Tom's gave it to Tom, who gave it to Hilly, who gave it to me. Finally cracked it open today, and as HBF intuited, it's good. Spicy.

Below: not a urine sample, but kaffir lime/curry oil. Also good.

Everywhere else: I have a feeling I'm mostly going to be over here this week, in case anyone's looking for me.



masdejong said...

hi. I'm Tom's friend who gave him the jar n made the sambal.I ran into Hillary yesterday and she told me she had given it to a friend who wrote about it on his blog. Great u like it! It's made of fermented soybean paste (taotjo) and green n red chillies and other spices. My interpretation of a recipe that's been in our family for a long time. Actually it is more like a condiment which u can use in different kind of dishes. Best anti-hangover remedy of used as a base for fried eggs n tomatoes. Enjoy! grtz, Maureen

MEM said...

hey maureen, wow, nice of you to stop by! yes it was good, and thanks for reminding me about the anti-hangover properties, I'm going to use it for that right now.