march in mokum.

In an uncharacteristic fit of motivation/desperation, we accomplished 66% of the items on our Museumkaart Targets list yesterday. As well as some other things.

We ended up back in the neighborhood where we used to live and work when we had our record shop, a neighborhood which we will probably forever associate with whiplashy ups and downs ("Hooray we found a cheap new location for our record shop because people like us and want to support us!!! Holy Mother of Unfortunate Fucking God, some low, low, low, demonic piece(s) of shit junkie motherfucker actually broke in and robbed us the night of our opening party!!! Commence fetal position").

After giving it some serious thought just now, I don't think there's actually an expletive potent enough to convey the incredible and pretty final disillusionment of having what was once your labor of love violated via forced entry/burglary....but that's another story.

Back when the shop was on the Jodenbreestraat, lunch often arrived in the form of overpriced but generally pretty good soup from Soup & Zo a few doors down (above). Overpriced, but, yeah, once you've lost tens of thousands of dollars in your first couple years of being open, what's an extra few bucks for lunch? Ahahahahahahahahahahah. But that's another story.

Yesterday we grabbed a peanut soup and a spinach/coconut thing and ate them on the not-obviously-relaxing-but-somehow-kind-of-OK Mr. Visserplein. Then we went to the Jewish Historical Museum.


And then: we hadn't had enough of the al fresco/traffic combination, so we went to Cafe Panini on the Vijzelgracht for a coffee and a, duh, a panino that was a little pricey but very authentically Italian: surprisingly good tomatoes, good basil, good mozzarella.

And the reason that we were even near the Vijzelgracht was that we were going to FOAM for that thing I was talking about. Which was lame. But there was a nice exhibit of New York Times photojournalism. And a coot next to a boat.


Klary said...

you almost make me wanna blog again... about sunny days in Amsterdam and eating outdoors....

MEM said...

should the need to blog become too powerful, you're always welcome to guest blog over here...