men at work.

And, as always in September, summer nights are just suddenly gone and dinnertime looks like the above snapshot from our hallway window into the backyard.

And also kind of like always in September, I tell myself that this year I am determined to make the most of The Darkness and be a productive motherfucker all winter long.

Today's maiden voyage involved that thing I mentioned about finding a place to put everything in the kitchen, which meant cleaning out the kitchen cupboards.

Which meant discovering 4 half-used jars of rock-hard peanut butter, 2.5 sizable boxes of powdered cocoa, that same crusty old bottle of Chinese black vinegar that I never ever use but insist on keeping, a pound of buckwheat flour, a completely crystallized jar of date syrup, some literally 12-year-old marjoram, a canister of powdered milk from the gulab jamun experience that will never be used for anything else, and a number of unfortunately unlabeled jars or bags of a substance that is either cornmeal or semolina, we can never tell the difference.

And so, yes, that made me do this: while realizing that this would immediately decimate any stray testosterone that might be hiding out somewhere in my system, I nonetheless felt compelled to....

Your silence is valuable to me.


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