america's taco shop.

In writing about La Condesa, I said that I'd had better tacos since I'd been in town. Those better tacos would be Barrio Queen and America's Taco Shop (remember that the "America" here is a woman's name, not flag-waving).

When I first put ATS on my list of targets a couple years ago, there were only two or three locations. Now it's expanded into a real, franchised chain, they're popping up all over the place. I popped myself into one of the original locations downtown b/c I happened to be in the hood.

I think it was around 3pm, it was definitely hot as balls outside (I walked 3 or 4 blocks to get there, so, you know, ten minutes b/c Phoenician blocks are mammoth), I was the only person there, I ordered one taco al pastor (left, with avocado and pineapple) and one carne asada. The al pastor was great, better than Barrio Queen's, but the carne asada left me wondering if I really like carne asada at all: it's just overcooked beef, thinly sliced. Salsa, radish, and lime helped a lot though: anyway, they were $2.50 each or something, a nice little lunch.

I would love to hit Filiberto's just for comparison's sake today since it's right around the corner, but we're going to Pizzeria Bianco for lunch and my CRON can't handle it.


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