American things I miss without usually knowing it: the ubiquitousness of melted cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce; swimming pools; A1 steak sauce; the sound of airconditioning from outside (being outside listening to the airconditioning "unit" itself); nonstop luxury. I probably don't need to mention the things I don't miss.

So, I'm almost back in action I think. I've remembered to stop worrying about getting on the right schedule, b/c well putting pressure on myself to sleep is completely not a recipe for sleep. Instead, I shall try to see my lovely family as much as possible during my awake hours, whenever they are; try to mostly eliminate the wine from my diet b/c we know it's not good for normal sleep don't we; spend some time in the pool every day; get some kind of actual exercise, etc. In other words, live as normally as possible.

No definite plans for today other than playing a few hours of Skylanders (below) with Cole and then trying to make some kind of vegan dinner for dad. I just bought him Ottolenghi's Plenty, b/c if there's anyone who needs it, it's him right now.


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