uitgepoept(e) @ de gouden reael.

Celebrated going to pick up our permanent residence permits today with a little wine and charcuterie on the lovely terrace at De Gouden Reael. The newspaper headline above says "Pooped-out coffee bean is the tastiest", talking of course about these

We passed on the coffee cuz, well, it's 192 euro per kilo, and plus it were hot outside:

And one thing led to another and soon we had us some bread and garlic mayo, a side effect of ordering the charcuterie platter...

....which consisted of some perfectly pleasant cured meats (Serrano ham, Coppa di Parma, Spinata Romana). Not superduper exciting but if you're eating bread (I myself am not) this a pretty good little terras snack.

The rest of the dinner menu looks very much like the kind of French bistro shitz I've been hungry for lately, so we should go back for a more serious bite soon.


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