Fresh roasted New Mexican green chiles are in fact very bueno. Arriving to find that your likemindedly-condiment-obsessed dad has already gone to the giant Asian grocery store to buy a crate full of mysterious sauces is totally bueno, as is the huge wonderful pile of salmon and shrimp that greets you as you open the fridge. The family portraits on the inside of the Squidbillies (funny Wikipedia article btw) season 2 DVD are wholly bueno.

Transatlantic West Coast USA jet lag? Pretty much niet zo bueno. I'm starting to wonder if this whole going to Arizona before Georgia thing is really the best approach. The idea has been to get the hard part over with first, putting the 24-hour travel day/time warp at the beginning of the trip instead of the end, but yeah I don't know, at the moment it doesn't feel super smart, nine time zones is a lot I guess.

Currently on the docket: sleeping please; trying to cook for new vegan dad; making green chile pork for the non-vegans; editing the new SG record; shooting an assload of legal handguns; finding a way to survive Phoenix summertime temperatures.


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