get it off me.

The heat. Get it off me. It's supposedly 93F right now at street level, but I"m pretty sure it's even hotter three floors up. Last night's roof terrace BBQ in the Rivierenbuurt was sweltering but tolerable, and the 20-minute bike ride home at 3am or whatever was the closest I"d been to a happy temperature all day.

Today, however, is much less tolerable. It's too hot to even sleep up here. We should go to The Movies and watch Meek's Cutoff to put everything in perspective, but it isn't showing again til 7:30 and by then we probably won't need to go anymore.

So I'm going to go, hmmmmm.....smoke a bowl and then clean the kitchen I guess. I'm already dressed like Lebowski, I might as well act like him.


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