that's the joint.

Residence permit scare seemingly conquered (thank you Nina), we stopped off on the way home from our immigration lawyer's office for a brief celebration involving Trashy Blondes, Brother Ruiten, Real Customer Service (the bar staff brought us logo-ed umbrellas when it started raining outside), Burger Bar (it continues to get better, the buns and condiments especially), and Mel Brooks. And then up jumped the boogie via Chic, Cameo, and Sugar Hill Records.



Klary said...

congrats, congrats, congrats!
and why have I never been to Burger bar? Why?

MEM said...

weeelllllllll thanks girl!

and don't beat yourself up about burger bar

it's still not quite there yet...they don't do "pink", so every burger is supposedly "medium well", not ideal.

and their condiment system is a little off.

but: after 5 beers, this is a pretty decent realish burger for not being in America.