poppin' the protein.

Whew! Easiest show ever at OT301 (which now has an updated Wikipedia entry, interesting) tonight. It helped tremendously that almost no one came to the show and we did last call quite early, at 12:30am. Are my priorities askew?


I sustained an impressive, nearly artful 14-part burn today when accidentally dropping a not-dry-enough chicken breast into a wok of boiling oil from an unsafe height (can't really take a picture of the whole thing b/c my arm doesn't bend that way). Fryer burns are really not pleasant: avoid them if you can. Grip your chicken tightly.

After much creative cursing, some ointment and a good bit of gauze, the new plan was: chicken breasts coated with a rub of coriander, cinnamon, salt and cumin, then seared in walnut oil for 3 minutes or so per side. Then add 1/2 cup chicken broth and 1 tbsp of this biber salçase mild red pepper paste and reduce for 10-15 minutes or so maybe, adding more chicken broth as needed. And I think that's all I did.

What I should've also done was to make a yogurt-dill sauce to drizzle on top, but I was lacking the two main ingredients. Instead, I just sprinkled some crushed almonds on top. The end result was thoroughly edible, with a surprising depth of flavor...though not especially Turkish-seeming without the yogurt sauce or some sort of fresh herbs. A good camp from which to base further explorations.


Note to self: check out Superuse, which I found out about via this superlative Culiblog post.


Too: must cook braised endive soon.


Grr: exciting recommendations for that Berlin trip we keep talking about. Must try making goulash sometime soon.


Eaten today:

3am: All-Bran with soy milk, honey and almonds, 300kcal.
6am: 1 egg with sesame and chili oils and one piece of bread. 200kcal.
12noon: 1.5 eggs and 100gr mushrooms. And a little brie. 350kcal.
4pm: One-half mango lassi. Two wholegrain hazelnut-currant things from Bakkerij Annee. 300kcal.
8pm: looks like it's going to be some kind of pizza product. Approach with caution.

Good hydration, but...leafy green vegetables? None.


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culiblog said...

Ouchy Duck! Heal completely and quickly.

Speaking of Superuse, at culiblog.org soon you can read about a mobile snack restaurant that I am setting up in R'dam and A'dam that takes Superuse to a entirely different level.

Of course I will be working with 2012 Architects, whom we've commissioned to design the physical restaurant. More on this later.


Debra Solomon