i am, everyday, people.

Am I really going to post every day in 2008? That would be unnecessary, I think, but that doesn't mean I won't do it.


An especially nice show downstairs tonight. Not just the music, which was mostly top-notch, but it was a crowd of many of our favorite rarely-seen people all reconnecting after the holidays (Gunga, Hil, Steve, Wilbert, Michael, Ab, Ron, Sean, Viljam). And any time any of the Chicago crew is around, you can count on conviviality until late in the night. Mara fell prey to this tendency, drank a bunch of Zattes, and is now paying for it today by having me cook her anything she wants.


Breakfast: leftover cauliflower (200kcal).
Lunch: half an egg and lite Emmenthaler sandwich (250kcal)
Beverages: 1 cup of coffee, maybe 2. 1 fizzy water. 1 apple juice. 1 cup of Earl Grey.
Snack: 1 block of leftover fried tofu. 200kcal?
Dinner: 2 smallish faux-konomiyaki (no flour), mostly bamboo shoots and mushrooms. 1.5 eggs, 50g oude kaas. 400kcal seems like a generous estimate.
Late Night: ah, had another block of tofu at midnight because dinner was at 4:30pm. Boo. 200kcal.
Even Later: Oops. Invented important new snack food: friconomiyaki, it's a cross between frico and you-know-who. No flour, you just saute some onions and shredded chinese cabbage for a few minutes, then drape a slice of cheese over top, like you're working at Waffle House. The cheese will start to melt, but you aren't having any: you flip the whole thing over, so now it's cheese side down.

Now the cheese will start to get crusty, and that's when you flip it over on itself so it sort of rolls up. If you can manage to tuck the top flap in and roll forward, you get something like this:

Well, this one busted, kind of. But you get the idea. O-sauce on top, and it's very very much like being at a Japanese Waffle House. And less than 200 calories each! Don't forget to smoke a bunch of hash first. Because otherwise you won't be able to eat dessert: papaya with roasted peanuts and a little vanilla ice cream . Um, 400kcal?


Oh, right. Analysis? Far too much cheese. Definitely not enough water. And an unacceptable amount of sugar. The biggest problem was probably eating dinner too early, so that later when the munchies showed up at my door around 3am, I was receptive to what they had to say. And they had plenty to say.



Klary Koopmans said...

I've been doing that write down everything I eat, too.. not brave enough to post it on my blog though! It's interesting though because mostly blogs are about the nice and beautiful things we eat.. not about the random blocks of tofu...

MEM said...

Well, since you and I are the only people who read this thing, I didn't see what the big deal was....(;->)

But really, a food diary does help me a lot, and if I didn't write about what I am actually eating (you know, if I wrote about, say, pork belly, without actually eating any), I would feel more deprived...like I was missing something.

Shit, I am missing something: pork belly!