bit, kibbeling.

I've talked about kibbeling a bazillion times here, but I've somehow never taken a decent picture of it before, usually because I'm too busy burning the roof of my mouth with it.

So, what I always say about it is: you wouldn't believe the lightness of the coating. Yeah, yeah. What I don't usually say is: this particular fishmonger liberally dusts their kibbeling (after it's fried) with a spice mix called simply viskruiden, from a brand name called Degens, but the mix itself is pretty unsimple and does a great job of elevating this into something beyond fish 'n' chips.

The ingredients to Degens Vis mix are: salt, coriander, mustard seed, white pepper, ginger, mace, nutmeg, fenugreek, chives, chervil, something I can't identify called lavaswortel, marjoram, thyme, rosemary.



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Jerome said...

I came across this because a friend who visited Amsterdam told me about kibbeling dusted with spice and I thought it sounded rather nice :) After a bit of searching my best guess is that lavaswortel is horseradish but I'll ask one of our Dutch customers to see if they know.

MEM said...

It is rather nice, in fact, I kind of require it on my kibbeling now. And since this post, I've determined that lavaswortel is actually lovage (horseradish is mierikwortel).