better days will haunt you.

YouTube, Destroyer of Worlds. I just found this yesterday, one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite guitar bands of the early 1990s, the video for which goes a considerable way towards explaining why only a handful of 25-year-old men ever knew who they were. I think the highlight for me is the very Mara-like dance move at 2:51.

Why am I posting it here, yes, fine question. The video is haunting me a bit. Also to remind myself to remain alert for another NYC gig from them this year, so that I might place myself amongst the members of the audience. And the below is just to celebrate the glory of the Internets and for, well, Further Listening:

Chavez: The Guard Attacks/Unreal is Here (remastered) (MP3)

Chavez's "The Guard Attacks" is a song you would play for a Martian who wanted to know what electric guitars are for. It's only three minutes long, yet Clay Tarver and Matt Sweeney splatter the walls with power chords and explosive harmonics, surging from peak to peak. Plus, the words are funny ("Your uncertain age gives me the shakes"), and the drummer is a madman. -Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone


I made "my" black bean + duck chili tonight, photos n shit later maybe...but maybe not.


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