nice cans. eeeiiaa!!!

Goldang, I've been posting like a house on fire. A house on fire that can barely speak English.

Speaking of which, we played Scrabble tonight and I felt lucky to be able to play any words in English at all...I had like 4 vowels the whole game. Pete had the opposite problem, and between the two of us we had no choice but to let that monkey woman walk off with the game.

Before that, we had a satisfying and educational dinner of cassoulet. From a can. I knew this was going to the case, it wasn't like Pete said "I'm bringing cassoulet!" and we got all excited and then he showed up with two cans. We were plenty excited anyway, because we figured the French wouldn't go through the trouble to do this and then fuck it up. Or would they?


"They" didn't fuck it up. Nor was it amazing, it was...pork, duck, and beans. Well-salted, plenty of fat as you can see.

And it was plenty satisfying baked in the oven for a while and served with some crusty (and lightly charred...oops) bread. I must say I preferred the duck version, simply for the novelty of "duck 'n' beans" vs. the old standby of "pork 'n' beans". But what we should've done with both of them was to throw a shot of cognac in there and put some fresh-buttered bread crumbs on top before we baked them.

But we didn't. Elsewhere, for nutritional reasons we included a green salad with pears, tarragon, and sugared walnuts, and for non-nutritional reasons we topped it with crumbled gorgonzola. Surplus gift chocolate for dessert.

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