goodbye, slugboy.

Today's complete lack of interesting (to you) activity explained why I've been posting so much lately: because lately we've been cooking and eating and socializing our asses off, so there's been lots to talk about.

But I think today signals a bit of an end to all that. At least to the holiday version of it all, which is fine by me. Time for a bit of moderation.

Obviously I'm not the only person alive to make this kind of decision this week: this is the week when my gym will be full of people I've never seen before, many of whom have never seen a gym before. It's almost inspiring, but after you've seen a few of these New Year's hopefuls, it's kind of like in a National Geographic show when you see all those baby sea turtles on the beach struggling to reach the water, and you think "how inspiring" and then the voiceover intones something like "only one of these 153 adorable youngsters will live through the night".

I was a turtle that didn't make it to the sea last year. My attendance record at the gym was about as good as it was back in high school Chemistry (I still have bad dreams about coming in to take a test that could've been in a different language, the vocabulary was so unfamiliar), and my results were about as impressive.

So here's to a more successful visible (vs. say...mental) health effort in 2008. Not just for me, but for all y'all: at this moment I'm specifically thinking of our online friends over at the Triple Gay Diet Blog...but really, best wishes to everyone.


Pour moi, yesterday was an OK start.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with walnuts, a little unrefined sugar, and soymilk.
Snack: A couple of rendang/carrot atjar nibbles here and there.
Snack: An egg with a little ketjap manis. And a nibble of Green & Black chocolate that a customer sent us.
Snack: A half-cup of chopped chicken breast in chicken broth with wilted spinach and pecorino.

Dinner: a variation of the old standby, baked salmon with greens and roasted cauliflower. A couple of notable changes: capers, currants, walnuts, and pecorino in the cauliflower; and the dressing for the greens was not the usual walnut oil business, but was just excellent olive oil, excellent mustard, and the juice of an excellent orange. And a tablespoon of unrefined sugar. Again, not photogenic at our mole-friendly light levels:

Then: small bowl of All-Bran with currants and halfvolle milk at 1am after the fighting cats woke me up. Bummer. We try again today. But then...we try again every day.



Randi said...

wow, I get a mention. I'm honored!!

MEM said...

Of course you do! You guys are doing an amazing job...I can't believe you've managed to cover so much not-strictly-food ground regarding body image and stuff...really nice to see.