Happy 2008 there, people. Pictured above is our last oliebol (krentenbol, really), who looked just a bit too much like a "friendly" for us to really enjoy eating him. But we, uh, yeah...ate him anyway. Trust no one.

Oh, it looks like there was a national oliebollen cook-off that we completely missed. Not that we would've joined the ballfryers, but at least it would've been nice to know which stands' products were classified as "unsellable" because they were using old fish frying oil)...


What's going on here, you ask? Not a whole heq of a lot (as Culiblog might say), and that's the way I'm liking it. This holiday season was physically and mentally arduous LARGELY because we were both relentlessly ill during 2 weeks of non-stop socializing. And so now it's been totally dreamy to have 2 full days of Zero Social Contact. None.

So, movies were peeped: I watched Spoorloos (The Vanishing) again for the first time since I really understand Dutch, and think it's a better movie than ever. Unbelievable that someone would think that a Hollywood remake of this was a good idea, since it's strong points are its slow pacing and crafty chronology (not to mention an extremely not-so-happy ending, just about the unhappiest ending ever really).

I'm also working on my bluegrass/country chops for a gig that will probably never happen in March. But with something like bluegrass it's better to be safe than sorry isn't it. So if you know of any websites with good tablature for smokin' twangy Tele licks I can steal, well please do pipe up (EDIT: Never mind. I just found Martin Tallstrom's website, which is overstuffed with smokin' twangy Tele licks...with any luck, in a couple months, I'll sound like a Swedish guy playing country!)


And, ah yes...food. Let's see, I'm trying to make jota today, a sauerkraut and bean stew from Trieste in Italy. I don't have a recipe that I truly believe in at the moment, I'm still searching for the comprehensive info on the Google so I can link it here. Pictures to come if it turns out alright.

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