vulture bait day 8: wright's beach to san francisco.

We began Day 8 with a rather stupid assignment: drive the van down Highway 1 from Jenner and across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to have it in the rental place's parking lot by 10am with a full tank of gas. On the map? Totally possible. With rush-hour traffic? Unclear. In any case, attempting to succeed meant getting up early enough to see the deer family above the beach's parking lot doing their morning thing. Coffee, cragel, etc.

Anyway, somehow we made it, with a whole 10 minutes left at the end to de-Vulture Bait the van.

Then we had 5 hours to kill before we could check in to the hotel, so we conducted a failed experiment with MUNI (don't let me forget to talk about the Burger King pee stop) and went up to Fisherman's Wharf for a compare/contrast with our Shelter Cove seal/sea lion experience:

But we mostly did this so we could enjoy some sunlight and a leisurely walk down to the Ferry Building, where we split a bean taco and a piece of elote (with chipotle mayo!) from Mijita:

And then I had to try Nouf's recommended warm egg salad sandwich from Il Cane Rosso and Nelson put her tooth-es on their butternut soup to help with her blossoming ah-heh ah-heh (surpressed cough).

Then: check-in in Chinatown. An unpictured shower and nap. Sunset during my fruitless Popcornopolis hunt. Bailing on Topsy's Fun House (not pictured). Deeee-licious red curry butternut dumplings and cocktails at E & O. Then an Ecstasy Massage Sauna Whirlpool (also a pretty good cocktail name) and some time at Tunnel Top. Then a few cheddar fries and a game of table chicken with Hector at the Irish Bank cause Nelson coveted a drink in "one of the little alleyways with the red lights" (picture forthcoming).

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