vulture bait day 7: wright's beach.

Heading south from Mendocino the fog didn't improve, but it was hanging just high enough above the freeway not to have any effect on the driving.

We felt really really lucky that we'd had such spectacular weather for the Lost Coast portion of this drive, otherwise we would've been super sad about how much of everything you couldn't see here.

Eventually we reached our campsite, "One Of The Most Deadly Beaches In California".

It doesn't look too deadly, but apparently that's what the last couple people who died here back in 2005 thought as well. This link won't work forever, but here's some reading.


After our death-defying beach walk it was Snack Time, an event designed to use up the last of our slowly-accumulating groceries and also bust into the cheese and wine booty from our Cal-Mart stop back in Calistoga.

And the Popcornopolis purchase from Shelter Cove, a continuing highlight of the trip every time you opened the bag.

This is a classic canape in the making: Carr's rosemary cracker with Point Reyes blue cheese and maple-pumpkin butter.

And then Nelson set up the propane stove cause she's braver than I am (below), and I cooked for the one and only time on this whoooooole trip: smoked goat cheddar and habanero jack quesadillas with peach and mango salsa. You can almost see the finished product.

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