vulture bait day 7 sidebar: breakfast burrito blowhole @ little river.

How often do either of these things happen. 1) You're a tourist. You meet a local at a bar. He says, "Hey man, if you have time tomorrow on your way out of town, you should stop at the next town. Next to the general store (post office, liquor store, deli, laundromat combined) there's a cemetery. There's only one parking space in front of it, park there. Go into the cemetery and go all the way to the back right. There's a path there, follow it. It'll take you to an epic experience."

And 2) you get a sudden craving for something really specific, and you go into a random (ok as random as Yelp lets you be) café and emerge with a nearly perfect version of the thing, which you eat or are fed while driving in your car to number one above. Breakfast burrito by GoodLife. Blowhole by time.

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