vulture bait day 3: groveland and american breakfasts.

Almost every day we passed through a cute little town that seemed to deserve a closer look.

Coming out of Yosemite, Groveland seemed to be one such town, plus we were in dire need of breakfast and coffee due to a failed experiment in trying to see the sunrise, I'll explain..

It became obvious by Day 3 that we could not continue to enjoy diner-style food every morning or we would end up oozing around on one of those Walmart Scooters before the end of the week. In the end our solution was to split almost everything, sorry American restaurants, there's just no other way to survive your portion sizes.

But the night before at Crane Flat, dinner had consisted of 3 beers and one piece of campfire-toasted bread each, and that had been at least 12 hours earlier, too long. So we arrived to Groveland in a state of Blood Sugar Emergency, which would turn out to work in our favor. Here is a "short stack" of pancakes, not the largest option:

And in my fog of hunger, I chose "Homefries Heaven" (fries, cheddar, salsa, sour cream, guac). You know, for energy. I managed to eat half of it.

And then we rolled to the car and were back on the road to Napa. Mostly.

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