operation desert storm.

It's really raining here. It started last night and hasn't stopped. Everyone is in what might best be described as a "tizzy", because this never happens. Or it happens once a year.

Because these are such unusual weather conditions, shit changes. Today I was supposed to try to teach the boys how to ride their bikes (a activity badly-conceived enough to where we should all pause and look at each other over the tops of our reading glasses with a deep, silent cynicism and then go back to what we were doing), but this has been cancelled. Tomorrow's two (2) soccer games will probably be cancelled due to flooding (all of the adults shared an equally silent and solemn double fist pump over this).

So instead we find ourselves inside planning Thanksgiving, which for this section of the family will occur on Monday due to my Thanksgiving Day travel and my brother-in-law having to work on that day as well. Since everyone seems to have everything else under control, I'm going to make Thug Kitchen's cranberry sauce b/c well why the fuck not, and then I'm actually going to bake something, sort of a speculaas-spiced apple crisp. Maybe with brown butter if I feel crazy.

After some planning we went to the grocery store, and though I don't just normally whip my camera out in Safeway, I kind of had to document this.

Yes, that price tag says $12.19 for €2.99 worth of cardamom. For Amsterdam people, Safeway is just a "regular" grocery store, like AH.


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