it rubs the laotian on its sausage.

Lao sausage at Champa Garden, Oakland. It was blammo good, and only $6. You basically make lettuce wraps with it, adding any of the 8 or 10 spicy condiments lying around plus mint and cilantro. We also tried the fried rice ball salad, which is confusingly named because there's no sign of "ball", but it was also super tasty and made me wish I had a metabolism four to ten times faster.


So, Bay Area? I had a simply legendary time there. Gorgeous scenery aside, I still owe the Duck a report on the general friendliness of Bay Area dwellers compared to most other places I've been, and I mean real, honest situations where "Can I help you?" really means "I am honestly offering my assistance."

Remind me to add the situation today where, walking to the BART station, someone asked me if I knew where the courthouse was. I said sorry, no, I'm not from around here, and another totally random passerby walking in the opposite direction, on the side of me farthest away from the courthouse-seeker (visualize this) stopped and said, "Can I help you find something?" Not a city employee, not a street person looking for a handout, just an Oakland resident offering to help.


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