hank bobby michette.

My dad has a pretty great new camera. New dog's not bad either.

I forgot to tell this story about the football game. It's halftime, we're in a long line for the restroom, maybe 20 people or so. Right when we finally make it inside the door and are next in line, watching the backs of a room full of burly men in football fan garb silently peeing, my dad turns to me and says, in his normal speaking voice, which is not quiet at all, "Hey I bought West Side Story today".

I can't believe we got out of there alive. Granted, the night before, we had been talking about West Side Story and he couldn't believe I hadn't seen it, and it's true, I should see it. So he bought it, which is potentially great. But there's no need to announce that into a men's room full of drunk, peeing Cardinals fans.


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