So I'm not really in charge of cooking any more b/c dad has the week off. What tends to happen now is that he has some grand design for dinner and my challenge is to provide some vegetable support, which is kind of even more fun than doing the whole thing myself. Last night he wanted to make a vegan, gluten-free pasta marinara, so we ended up doing rice penne with a Quorn marinara, with lots of black pepper and parmesan you didn't miss meat or gluten. And I made that celery/mushroom salad.

Then we played Name That Tune for about two hours, each of us playing something off our laptops connected to a central Bluetooth speaker (this great-sounding thing from UE) and everyone else trying to guess/remember who it was. Good stuff. I have now officially split Charlie Rich and Charlie Pride into two separate people, they were both filed in my brain under the same entry, problematic b/c for starters one of them is black.

No idea what tonight's plan is, but I'm going to try to sneak this Oaxacan string cheese pictured above into something soon. The item below I just picked up in the checkout lane at Wal*Mart, a tamarind-mango lollipop.

Now off to a real NFL football game, my first in a very long time, Cardinals vs. Colts. It should be a hoot, a Real American Experience, too bad/good thing I'm not drinking beer at the moment. Then I come home and cook an apple crisp and some cranberry sauce for tomorrow's Thanksgiving.


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