injured reserve.

OK so maybe you're wondering why nothing's been happening here. It's kind of a perfect storm situation of 1) not having an awesome camera that I know how to work available at my fingertips, 2) not cooking or eating very much in an attempt to not undo weeks of strong work in the weight/fitness department; and then 3) playing every sport ever invented over the last five days, which doesn't sound like it might be inimical to blogging, but consider if you will that somehow the same muscles used for typing are the same muscles you use to play, well, every sport ever invented. Mostly badminton, football, basketball, and air hockey. What I'm saying is that typing hurts. Pics soonish though.

Today is being spent the way Sundays should always be spent: watching nonstop NFL football with your mother, drinking Stella Artois and roasting sweet potatoes. And whimpering like a puppy every time you move a limb.


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