a secret rose.

So yesterday looked kind of like this. Above: where I've been staying for the past four days, on a day that would remain the least beautiful one (strictly weather-wise) I've experienced here. Below: my first coffee in many days, at Haddon Hill Cafe, great coffee by them, stupid idea by me; final rehearsal; dinner break and waiting; lying on back on the floor to ease shoulder pain (notice my striped foot on the right), and I see this actual tree outside and the actual sky, looking not real; more waiting, but yis the skies are a helpful distraction; just before doors open.

Understandably, I have no pics of the gig. It's over, to say it was great would be a silly and meaningless understatement, it was possibly the best gig ever. Now I go to Laotian restaurant for lunch and final debrief then off to LAX/Phoenix to reunite with la mia famiglia.


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