Hi there. Final weekend of recording in progress...that means not much leaving the apartment. If only Blokker delivered batteries.

And not much time in front of the stove, either...last night's gourmet treat was broiled catfish (pangafilet) and a hallucinogenically hot habanero ketchup, eaten standing at the stove. Frozen catfish/panga is on sale at the Dirk for about 2 U.S. dollars per pound (converted for our American readers), which I don't need to tell you is a ridiculous price. If only my freezer were bigger. I guess I'll have to jar the rest...catfish preserves, catfish confit, candied catfish, blleaaargh, etc.

Unless I want to eat catfish again tonight, I should probably begin considering who will feed me this avond. Miss Mara is spending the evening out so that I may be as annoying as I want from a sound perspective. Normally Thai is the default delivery food, but we just had Som Tam two nights ago (pictured above, very good again, leagues better than Top Thai) so I have to look elsewhere. If only...etc.


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