everything's ruined.

When we have a party over here...

Let me start over. When we invite people from two or more households over to our place, we generally give a great deal of thought as to their compatibility. I'm not sure we've ever had a situation where one invited guest takes a disliking to another guest and unpleasantness ensues. For example, where the one guest tears apart and eats the other guest and his or her entire family.

Which is what happened in Africa when someone invited the Nile perch, or Victoriabaars as it's called here in Nederland, to come hang out for awhile. "Yeah, sure, crash over here for as long as you like...the beers are in the fridge, the snacks are...hey, what? No, that's my AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

The Nile perch basically ate everything in the Nile's vicinity, including each other. They made a movie about it (not the fish, some other "they") in 2004 called Darwin's Nightmare that I will probably need to watch at some point.

But the reason I'm still here talking instead of showering like I should be is...I bought some of these troublemakers today, and now I'm a gonna cook 'em. But how? Google Wire research reminds that lake/river fish enjoy being fried or served with pork. Butter, thyme, and bacon is the frontrunner right now, but someone should probably talk me out of that.


So I ended up doing the butter and pork thing because the only people admitting to having cooked this fish online are the people who are also selling it, this is not a good sign. I made this:

What a picture, huh? I, uh...didn't take it: it's from my pretty rarely-used Anton Mosimann's Fish Cuisine cookbook, where the recipe also came from. Larded Perch Filets with Thyme, it's called, and it was fine, but I'm not sure this fish gets any better than "fine". Maybe leftovers will be better.


Woo, "Everything's Ruined" is bad, bad, bad, almost as bad/good as that Chavez video I posted.

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